Friday, May 20, 2011

Speedlite Gang Lite

After reading the Speedliter's Handbook I was keen to build myself a gang light and I came up with a rather simple design that required very little new material.

To build this you will need.

  • Multiple speedlite's (obviously).
  • An umbrella bracket for each speedlite.
  • An Umbrella bracket for holding the rod.
  • One spigot and a bolt for the spigot.
  • A 5/8" aluminum rod cut to the length you desire, I made mine 5' long.

In this photo you can see how I mounted the spigot to the aluminum rod with a bolt through the aluminum. I mounted it in the centre for good balance.

Here you can see the Manfrotto 026 bracket I used for holding the rod.  You need a strong bracket for this part because it is carrying the weight of all the speedlites so don't skimp here.  Manfrotto 026 Swivel Lite-Tite Umbrella Adapter - Replaces 2905Photographic Light Mounting Hardware)

The brackets that hold each speedlite should be a lighter weight bracket to keep down the overall mass of the gang light.  I used the Opus umbrella mount which is a sturdy plastic bracket that can accommodate the aluminum rod from the side.

And here you can see the finished gang light.  Four Canon 580 EXII speedlites are easily held on this Manfrotto boom.

Let me know if you have built a gang light and how you made yours!

Happy Speedliting.

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