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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I hope Aperture 4 is Aperture X

Aperture 3 has been with us for 3 years now and is a very solid tool for the professional photographer.  The updates that came in 2012 brought improved performance and stability and the new tools like the improved White Balance have made my job much faster when working with large imports after a wedding.  The way I can now postpone building previews until I am ready has sped up my first culling process.  Aperture is faster and more stable than ever ( I have been using it since 1.5) but there is no doubt it is time for an update.......

Many are hoping for Aperture 4 but personally I'm hoping for Aperture X.  

I'll explain.  When Apple released Final Cut Pro X the "hyper net" went wild with anger, how dare apple dumb down the pro video editor they cried.  I sat back and waited for the knee jerking to stop and for Apple to release a few updates to show me where they were headed with their flagship video editor.  Well I have been using it now and I love it!  It is a complete relearn from the previous version but that is part of the cost of bold innovation.  I think Final Cut will continue to be a dominant video editor and I love it's forward thinking and in typical Apple style it has tons of power that is cleverly laid out in such a way that the interface is non threatening and intuitive.

So now that I have seen what they have done with Final Cut Pro X I am hoping they have been spending the last three years doing a similar redesign of Aperture!  Of course I hope I can bring my existing databases into it.

The constant stream of solid updates in the past year combined with the prominent place Aperture has been occupying in Apple adds for the Retina Macbook Pro and the fact that on the App Store Aperture is the 7th largest grossing App gives me confidence that this photography tool is still as much in Apples heart as it is in mine!

Bring on Aperture X

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